My Les Mills Pump Journey – Day Two

My Les Mills Pump journey – Day Two

Before we get into day two, let me share the aftermath of day one with you…..

I can no longer lift my arms over my head. Get off of the toilet. Push myself up out of bed. Tie my shoes. But, hey it’s for a good cause right?? I’m having trouble remembering what that cause is.

Leg Day

I’m seriously considering putting my hiking poles in the bathroom.

Moving on…slowly… Les Mills Hard Core Abs – this should be fun – NOT! Here we go, I mean it’s abs. It’s not like more squats, I can do this. <insert hysterical laughter here>

I’m walking (ok crawling) away saying I did it. What the heck is up with all of those hover moves, I can’t move my arms as it is? Seriously?! And those quick changes, really? Don’t you remember, Dan, we did Pump Challenge yesterday. I’m doing good to move today.  I do believe I am going  to need to buy stock in Tiger Balm. Lucky for me I have a Steven that is willing to coat me in the stuff later.

And with that my friends, my Les Mills Pump Journey – day two is complete. See you tomorrow.

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