My Les Mills Pump Journey – Day Three

My Les Mills Pump Journey – Day Three

We begin today with the aftermath of my Les Mills Pump journey – day two. Hard Core Abs, it’ll be easy they said. HA! Not only did my everything hurt from day one, now coughing has become excruciating. Oh wait, that’s just my abs saying hello.

Ab Day

Enough whining and sniveling let’s get on with day three. Les Mills Pump Challenge – again? OY!

It’s ok, I can do this. Get the bar, the yoga mat and the step thingy – move the furniture (doing my best not to whine here). Push play….

Oh, holy Hannah! I pushed through the pain and did it – kept my big girl weights on the bar and everything. I guess Steven’s rub down with Tiger Balm did help last night, or was it the coffee flavored frozen yogurt I made. Guess we’ll never really know. BTW – frozen yogurt is a great post workout snack. That is of course if you make it yourself and know what goes into it.

I know I’ve done a lot of complaining about how much I hurt after the last couple of days. It’s a good thing really. It means, I’m actually making changes in my body. I feel lots better about myself, I am getting more done each day and I sleep so much better. I feel good da na na na na like I knew that I would.

And with that my friends, my Les Mills Pump Journey – day three is complete. See you tomorrow.


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