My Les Mills Pump Journey – Day Seven

Wow! We are already into my Les Mills Pump journey – day seven! It’s already been a full week. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty proud of myself for completing week one.

I have withstood some super sore muscles, pokes in the arm from Steven and killer ab pain when I cough. I’ve been able to hold plank longer this week (that alone is a pretty big accomplishment).


Anyway enough of that….today is supposed to be a scheduled rest day. So, on my amazing phone calendar I scheduled a 3 mile walk. Fantastic, I can’t wait. WRONG! Guess who didn’t look at that wonderful phone calendar this morning? I thought I was supposed to do Les Mills Pump and Burn and so that’s what I did.

I was excited, a new workout, a harder workout. I have been keeping 15 pounds on my bar. I thought, I better stick with that for this one too. I mean it’s new, my  muscles aren’t ready for it, and it’s a little longer than Les Mills Challenge. I got this after all I’ve been working out for six days already. Psssh.

All I can say is CRAP! I was not ready – but, I pushed through with my 15 pound weight bar. I even did the ab track with a ten pound weight. Yay me. I really am getting stronger.

What does Les Mills Pump and Burn consist of you might ask:

Warm Up




Abs (Save a horse ride a cowboy – go Ben)

Cool Down

Bam – there it is. I LOVE it! And I didn’t even need the Tiger Balm that Steven was ready with.

So, tomorrow I will be taking my rest day pretty serious. Thanks for joining me on another addition of my Les Mills Pump journey – day seven. Ta-ta for now!

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