My Les Mills Pump Journey – Day Nine

Guess what’s scheduled for today on my Les Mills Pump Journey – day nine?

I get to go on a walk and do Hard Core Abs. Yipppee for me right.

hardcore abs


I will have abs again, I tell you I will! I’m getting better all of the exercises and I have noticed lots more energy. This is where my family goes – oh great, just slow down. After, my workout today I think I went out to the garden and finished harvesting the remaining veggies. Let’s go dig up some ‘taters!


In this wonderful garden goody bag, we have taters, leeks, onions, tomatillos, cushaw squash, spaghetti squash and beets. Not bad for a little garden in the backyard. Unfortunately, we lost all of our tomatoes this year – teach me to plant late. Grrrr! What are some of your favorite recipes with any of these veggies? We made a Potato Leek Vegetable Soup for dinner and I made an Oregano Garlic Bread. I love being able to work with ingredients that we have grown – it makes it taste better.

Thanks for catching me on my Les Mills Pump journey – day nine. As always – see you tomorrow my friend.



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