My Les Mills Pump Journey – Day Five

Welcome to my Les Mills Pump journey – day five. On the schedule for today is Les Mills Pump Challenge. It will be a challenge.

Today being Sunday means my family is home doing what families do together. I thought I would get up before the rest of the family and get my workout done. WRONG. I go out to the living room and low and behold Charlee is asleep on the couch. Phooey! Wrench in my operations already.

Alright plan B – pancakes.


Good morning everyone! It seems like I made 4,000 pancakes. Charlee now has breakfast for the next month.

Get some dishes done along with some other household duties (I said duty haha). My oh my, its already 3 in the afternoon. This really is going to prove to be a challenge, do I have the desire, commitment or the energy to do this today. Yes, I do and I’m going to rope in a participate or two if I’m lucky.

I convinced Charlee to workout with me – yes I am going to do this today. She was awfully cute with her weight bar and her hair in a pony tail. She did it and I’m super proud of her.

And with that my friends, my Les Mills Pump journey – day five is complete. I’m getting better and stronger. I have the desire and the commitment.

Get a copy for yourself and join me on my journey.


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