Chicken Eggs

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Fresh chicken eggs from the pasture have a high dietary content, protein, smell and rich taste. These are one of nature’s most wholesome foods. You can bake delicious cakes, cookies, scones etc. with eggs. Ever made fresh pasta? Fresh eggs are second to none when making pasta – need a recipe, just ask.  However you like them; boiled, sunny-side up, deviled or even just fried, there is just so much you can do with a fresh egg.

Our eggs vary in color from white, almond, brown, blues and greens. This merely depends on the breed of chicken.

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1 review for Chicken Eggs

  1. Tosha Hoyt

    Always wonderful to have fresh Chicken eggs and not store bought. Grateful for them available from these guys, as my chickens seem to be freeloading slackers at this current time.

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