The REAL white meat: chicken or rabbit

The REAL White Meat: Chicken or Rabbit

The REAL white meat: chicken or rabbit

Rabbit? What? You’ve got to be crazy. Before you pass judgement, hear me out. We had the opportunity this past week to try rabbit. I can remember as a kid eating rabbit (insert horrifying story here). I couldn’t have told you for the life of me what it tasted like. We ate a lot of things when we were growing up…and we survived. In an effort to fill the freezers for this year, rabbit was a possibility. Luckily for us, we have some friends that raise them and happened to be butchering some. We traded a jar of this years honey for a freshly butchered rabbit. (NO, it did not have a name!)

This made me wonder what is the real white meat: chicken or rabbit? Do you ever just wonder the most random things? Like would it be politically incorrect to roast a rabbit on a bed of carrots?? We should probably ask ol’ Bugs about that one. Seriously though, which one is better, or is one better than the other? 

The Real White Meat: Chicken or Rabbit

We’ll let each contender “plead it’s case”…

(Interview with a chicken, featuring Mrs. Clucking It Up and Rudy the Range Rooster)

Mrs. Clucking It Up: Good afternoon, welcome to the show today. I do hope all of your hens are well. Rudy, which do you feel is the REAL white meat, chicken or rabbit?

Rudy the Range Rooster: Thanks, for having me on the show. Well Mrs. Clucking It Up, I’m certainly glad you asked. You see we chickens are the TRUE white meat. That being said, we would prefer you eat more RABBIT!  (He’s quite professional you know with his crooked butt and all. Don’t tell him I mentioned his crooked butt, he’s a little insecure about it. On a side note, Rudy’s voice reminds me a little of Louis Armstrong.)

Mrs. Clucking It Up: Oh well, aren’t a funny little thing. Is that your own personal spin on the Chick-Fil-A commercials? You’re very “punny” Mr. Range Rooster. Please enlighten me as to why you feel that chicken is the REAL white meat…

Rudy the Range Rooster: You’re very astute Mrs. Clucking It Up. You noticed my quick wit. Chicken meat is rich in vitamins B12, B6, B3 as well as minerals: phosphorus, zinc, kalium. Chickens are also the closest living relative of the tyrannosaur. Over 80 pounds of chicken is consumed by an average American every year. An average dish of cooked chicken, contains approximately 337 calories.

Mrs. Clucking It Up: Rudy those are some very interesting facts. Really, 80 pounds of chicken is consumed by the average American each year – that is an awful lot of chicken. It seems to be high in vitamins and low in calories as well. You make a good point. But, how do you explain your dark meat?

Rudy the Range Rooster: Did I mention chickens are the closest living relative of the tyrannosaur? Hence, a little dark meat…

Mrs. Clucking It Up: Oh you are quite a clever little bugger aren’t you?! I’m still not convinced, you’re going to have to convince us Mr. Range Rooster. 

Rudy the Range Rooster: Chicken is high in protein, each ounce of meat provides 7g protein. A typical portion is about 4 ounces or the size of a deck of cards and provides 28g protein. 

Mrs. Clucking It Up: Mr. Range Rooster, that is a very persuasive argument. Thank you for joining us today on In the Clucking It Up Kitchen – The REAL White Meat: Chicken or Rabbit

(Rudy the Range Rooster exits stage left.)The REAL white meat: chicken or rabbit

Our next candidate on the controversial story of The REAL white meat: chicken or rabbit, (enter stage right Mr. Peter Cottontail)

(Interview with a rabbit, featuring Mrs. Clucking It Up and Peter Cottontail)

Mrs. Clucking It Up: Good afternoon Mr. Cottontail, I’m so glad you were able to join us today on In the Clucking It Up Kitchen – The REAL White Meat: Chicken or Rabbit. I’m sure you heard the very persuasive arguments from Mr. Rudy the Range Rooster while you were in the green room waiting. He did make some very interesting points. What is your opinion on the subject?

Peter Cottontail: Mrs Clucking It Up, it is an honor to be on the show today. Flopsy and Mopsy send their love. Mr. Range Rooster did have some interesting points. However, the bit about being related to a dinosaur sealed the deal. This just proves that chicken is NOT the REAL white meat, just look at those thighs. While chicken is the “famous” white meat, only rabbit and pork consist entirely of delicious white meat. No more fighting over who gets white, and who gets dark. It’s all white, all white, all white….(bunny chuckles at Matthew McConaughey reference. Peter is quite friendly and loves to laugh – who knew.)

Mrs. Clucking It Up: Mr. Cottontail, you are one funny bunny! Such whimsical humor. Please enlighten me as to why you feel that rabbit is the REAL white meat…

Peter Cottontail: Rabbit has the lowest cholesterol value of any meat product. Compared to the next two lowest, chicken and pork (both with a value of 230 mg per serving), rabbit has a mere 164 mg of cholesterol. Rabbit is the lowest calorie meat per serving at 795 calories per pound vs 810 for chicken, 840 for veal, 1190 for turkey, and 1440 for beef. Pork weighs in at a whopping 2050 calories per pound! Rabbit meat is the HIGHEST in protein compared to chicken, fish, lamb, pork and even beef! Rabbit meat is highly digestible and recommended by the USDA for children and the elderly. The USDA also proclaims rabbit meat “the most nutritious meat known to man.” I even hear we pair nicely with fresh carrots. 

Mrs. Clucking It Up: Wow Mr. Cottontail those are some pretty hard-hitting facts you’ve stated! I do love good carrots…

Peter Cottontail: Unlike chicken, however, rabbit white meat is not dry, or prone to stringiness. Pork may be fine, and it may be white meat, but rabbit is the REAL white meat. Rabbits also don’t have fart breath like chickens. (Mr. Cottontail went into great depth explaining how chickens fluctuate from their beaks. I didn’t think the reading audience needed to be exposed to that.)

Mrs. Clucking It Up:  Peter,thank you for joining us on the show today. You have certainly given us some great information to ponder. I think it’s time for the reading audience to chime in and let us know what they think. 

(Peter Cottontail exits stage right)

The REAL white meat: chicken or rabbit


The Real White Meat: Chicken or Rabbit
The Real White Meat: Chicken or Rabbit
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