Multipurpose Plants

Discover a world of multipurpose plants for your courtyard, terrace, patio or garden.  Each plant modifies it’s environment in some form or fashion. These changes can either support or destroy what is nearby. When we recognize that plants don’t generally stand alone it affects how we plan and place every plant to create the ambiance we’re looking for.

When we understand some of the roles each plant plays, we can then place them in an area where they work together instead of against each other. We begin to choose plants according to what they can or can’t do. These multipurpose plants often overlap in some functions and allow you and I to have a lot of fun in planning and planting.

Let’s say that you have a dry spot in the yard with poor soil under a big shade tree. Looks like a perfect place for a drought tolerant, shade tolerant, nitrogen-fixing multipurpose plant. Possibly a shrub like Indigo. Which is also known for being a “green manure” and attracts insects to its graceful purple and pink blossoms. Or a Siberian Pea could be another compliment to the area.

Multipurpose plants


Multipurpose Plants
Siberian Pea

Plants can be combined for every situation. Want and insect-attracting, deerproof and edible flower with medicinal properties? Bee Balm is what you’re looking for. How about a plant that can provide salad greens and food for poultry and has a root system designed to break up clay and become a coffee substitute…look into Chicory. Erosion control with hedges and edible berries, now you’re talking about Sea Buckthorn.



Multipurpose Plants
Bee Balm
Multipurpose Plants
Multipurpose Plants
Sea Buckthorn

In this small series we are going to learn how some multipurpose plants can be used in your landscape. We’ll take a look in great detail and a few different plants and the many functions they have.

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