Clucking It Up Workshop

We had several projects going on in the Clucking It Up workshop this week.

Project 1 from the Clucking It Up Workshop:

Steven did a fantastic job reworking an old utility trailer we have. He used all reclaimed wood for the sides and flooring. It was the good stuff too, it came from our local sawmill back years ago. It was on a house that was recently torn down (on a side note: a friend of ours died in the house), it was part of the roof decking. Back when this particular house was built, they used planks instead of sheets of plywood. 

Project 2 from the Clucking It Up Workshop:

We had to make a trip to Las Vegas this week – BLAH!!!! I can’t stand going to Las Vegas. No really, I don’t think you understand. But, while we were there we took advantage of the fact that they have stores that we don’t. We wondered over to The Woodworkers Emporium for a while – what fun stuff they have! We picked up a few new tools and some new clamps for Steven’s cutting boards. 

Clucking It Up Workshop

Doesn’t he do nice work…

I got to be in the workshop this week too. While we were in Vegas, we picked up a couple of tools for me. 

Clucking It Up Workshop

I made a roughed out wooden spoon this week. I cut the limb, then split it, then shaved and shaped it. Now all it needs is some sanding. 

Project 3 in the Clucking It Up Workshop:

I had the bright idea that I needed a shelf for all of our essential oils.  So, we came up with an idea for an industrial look with 3 tiers and will hold approximately 30 little bottles. We used some of the left over re-claimed wood from the trailer, cut tiny little holes into each board (that was my job). Now Steven has the hard part of putting it together. He needs to today because I just got our last order and my little kitchen shelf is overflowing now. I’ll add photos when we get it completed and hung up. 

Project 4 in the Clucking It Up Workshop:

I’ve had this little wooden “tool box” that has been used for just about everything. Clucking It Up Workshop

Mine is similar to this, a little different and a WHOLE lot older. Anyway, Steven decided that he would make a few more (cause he’s secretly in love with mine). We also came up with a perfect gift idea for Charlee along the way. That’s for another day though. Steven got the pieces all cut out and now has to take the time to put them together.  



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