How to make your own un-paper towels

Make Your Own Un-Paper Towels

Maybe you’ve heard of un-paper towels, and wondered what are they?. We’re going to take a minute today to tell you exactly what they are and show you how to make your own un-paper towels. Get on the Magic School Bus, cause here we go.

un-paper towels

So, what’s the story with these new all the rage things? Here’s the nuts and bolts and the reasoning why. In an effort to become a more waste conscious generation, someone had the bright idea to use these instead. Un-paper towels are the perfect way for you and your family to lead a more “reusable” life. Switching to cloth napkins, reusable grocery bags and now this type of “un-paper” towel.Using cloth paper towels actually will save you money as well as help keep a little more out of the landfill. The average family in the US pends approximately $250 on paper towels…yes paper towels!

First start by gathering your supplies…

Sewing machine (I have two, one is a very old Dressmaker and she still runs like a top. The other is a Brother Project Runway, which I use the most)

Fashionable cotton fabric 

Matching terry cloth

pins, needles…coffee (you’ll want something to drink after all)

How to make your own un-paper towels

Once you’ve chosen your fabrics, measure and cut to size. The un-paper towels we make are approximately 10″ x 11″, this seems to be a good size for us. However, since we’re only showing you how to make your own un-paper towels, make them the size that works for you! Maybe you have kids and need half sized towels, maybe you make LARGE messes and need them bigger. It’s up to you. 

Now that you’ve gotten your fabric cut to the size you need. Pin the wrong sides together, that means the ugly side faces you. 

How to make your own un-paper towels

See my old Dressmaker machine there….this is the machine I learned to sew on. It once belonged to my Nana, was handed down to my mother and then down to me. 

Now you are going to stitch a straight seam down each side, crossing at each corner. On one side, leave an opening about 3 inches wide or so. This will be so you can turn your un-paper towel right side out. Once you have stitched all of the sides, clip the corners to make the rounded (this will help in getting the corner points when you turn it right side out). When you have clipped your corners, begin turning the project right side out. 

How to make your own un-paper towels

How to make your own un-paper towels


When you get your un-paper towel turned right side out, tuck in the opening pieces and pin shut. You will now sew around the edges of the piece. Making a nice border, you can straight stitch, zig zag stitch or even a fancy stitch. You choose. After you have the border stitching in place and the open space has been closed up, I recommend that you do some stitching in the center to help keep the 2 pieces from moving around as your use your new un-paper towel. Sew around the pattern of your fashion fabric or simply make a big “X” from one corner to the other. 

How to make your own un-paper towels

Guess what, we’ve just shown you how to make your own un-paper towels.

If you think this is a little much for you to handle, let us make them for you. Visit the farm store and we’ll be happy to get some made for you. 

Since they are cotton, these un-paper towels can be machine washed and dried. You can put them in with your other wash and use them over and over. Using fabric softener or dryer sheets will over time reduce the absorbency of the terry cloth. 

how to make your own un-paper towels


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