Total Money Makeover

The wedding is over and everyone has gone home. We thought it would be the perfect time to begin our Total Money Makeover.  We’ve had the book by Dave Ramsey, actually for longer than I care to admit….and I’ve only read the introduction. 

Total Money Makeover


The Total Money Makeover begins now!

It’s high time we take control of where our money goes (Lord knows there isn’t that much of it). We have some pretty realistic goals….at least I think they are. We have a honeymoon road trip to plan and save for as well as land for the homestead and lots of other stuffs. 

The ultimate goal with our total money makeover is to purchase land for the mud hut for Clucking It Up homestead. Because, all I want to do is farm and bake stuff. Steven and I are both in agreeance that we need to do something and this is a good place to start. 

Total Money Makeover


So, here we go. I’ve got our envelopes all labeled and ready to go. We happen to be on chapter 5 of The Total Money Makeover: Two More Hurdles: Ignorance and Keeping Up with the Joneses (It’s a good thing we don’t know the Joneses, not sure we could keep up anyway. I’m pretty sure they don’t have 44 hens in the backyard.)

I even have our Every Dollar account all set up and ready to keep track of everything. I’m kind of old school too, I also have good old pen and paper. I’m using a 5 subject notebook and have each “section” labeled. Expenses, income, balances (at the months end), and savings, you get the idea right….I’m sure you do, I mean after all you are one smart cookie! OOOO COOKIES – I should have made an envelope for a cookie budget. I did make one for alcohol, that’s pretty important stuff right there. 

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