Rudy the Range Rooster

We’d like to introduce to you, Rudy the Range Rooster. He’s our sweet little guy that is “taking care” of our girls. He’s a funny little guy with a crooked butt. His tail feathers are cock-eyed and he looks a little odd when he runs about.

Rudy the Range Rooster See Rudy the Range Rooster’s fluffy grey feathers on the base of his tail? I just love them. He almost wags his feathers like a dog wags it’s tail. 

Rudy even plays well with others cute little video of Ares our cat practicing his pouncing lessons with Rudy the Range Rooster. Rudy seems to think that he needs more attention and a wider of territory to roam in. (After all he is Rudy the Range Rooster right….)

Somehow this spring we ended up with a total of four roosters. Rudy quickly became our favorite. We have an arrangement with the young man that we get our feed and chicks from, that if we happen to get roosters he will trade them for hens or give us a discount on feed. 

One afternoon, Steven, Charlee and Lauren were going to take the other three roosters over for trade. They gathered them all up in a box and took them a way. A couple of days passed and I noticed that I hadn’t heard Rudy’s gargley crow and hadn’t seen him in the yard. HOLY SNAPPIN’ ARSENALS! Rudy the Range Rooster is missing! It was easy to figure out what had happened. Steven and the kids had accidentally grabbed Rudy to trade. I called our “chicken guy” and we made arrangements for another trade. (Ha Ha – by now I’m certain this young man thinks I’m a not job.)

We load up for the half hour drive to pick up our Rudy the Range Rooster. Who says chickens don’t like to go for car rides? Rudy the Range Rooster


It’s not easy getting a good selifie these days. Especially with a chicken in your lap as your driving down the highway. 

Rudy the Range Roster

Needless to say Rudy the Range is back home safe and sound. I listened to his gargley adolescent crow just this morning. All is well again at the Clucking It Up Farmstead.

Rudy the Range Rooster is an Aracauna also known as an Easter Egger. 

We got our original hens from Murry McMurry Hatchery. Great people and high quality poultry. If you are close to us here in Kanab, and want chicks from our local guy – let me know. I’d be happy to pass along the information. 


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