Long Overdue Update

Long Overdue Update

This is a long overdue update on the Clucking It Up Farmstead

It seems like the last several months have just been haywire around the farmstead and I suppose that’s the excuse I’m gong to use for this long overdue update. We began our move back in late October and are still settling in at the new place. 

Long Overdue Update

As you can see, it’s been pretty rough. This is the view from the deck off of the bedroom. Just terrible isn’t it. I mean seriously. We are very fortunate in that the new place is on almost 3 acres, so there is plenty of room for all of the critters. The peepers have a new “chicken hotel” complete with a luxury sofa. The bees will be buzzing around in late April/May. The ducks will get here at the end of March. The dairy calf will get to be in her new home sometime around May (we have to wait for the ground to thaw so we can build a pen for her). 

We’ve started planning the garden and getting the ground ready for our Back to Eden style garden. It will be situated in the orchard. If you haven’t seen the movie – I highly recommend watching it. As you can see, we’ve still got our work cut our for us. We’ve gotten a load of wood chips delivered (for free I might add). We’re only going to need a billion more. 

Lone Overdue Update

The best part is we have a wonderful view from our front room. We sure do love these red hills of Utah. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to wake up to this beautiful scenery every single day?

Long Overdue Update

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” I don’t know who said it or where it came from, but it is truly the reason I stay. This red dirt gets in your soul and you know it’s where you belong. 

Long Overdue Update

Thanks for being so patient with me in our long overdue update, I will do my best to be more diligent in getting new posts out there. We’ve got lots going on – cottage kitchen, wine brewing, growing room underway, animal pens and duck houses to build and of course recipes to share!

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