Dinners at the Farmstead

Yet another summer is beginning to fade, I think about how I will miss backyard dinners at the farmstead. This summer has been an adventure and will not be like any future summer. 

Steven and I were married this summer, we had almost all of our kiddos here for that celebration (and what a celebration it was). We lost a dear friend in an ATV accident. My Charlee (my baby) and Lauren (Steven’s baby) both turned 16 this year. We went to the Grand Canyon for the 10th year in a row for Charlee’s birthday just to have pizza in the deli. Our good friends moved away. Ronda and I watched clouds be “born” (no it was not the peach sangria’s in the middle of the afternoon). The girls and I got matching “You are my sunshine” tattoos (there’s still a couple more that need to get theirs). 

Dinners in the Backyard
Charlee’s 16th Birthday

We’ve learned things that we had never thought of before and we did things we never thought we would (like rappelling after our wedding ceremony). We have laughed hysterically, cried, shared good food and had many, many drinks with good friends.  

Most of all I will miss our dinners at the farmstead in the backyard. Steven constructed the most amazing dance floor for the wedding. When the party was over and we had to disassemble it (it will later become the floor for our tiny house), he left the corner posts and lights up. We put our lounge chairs, fire pit and picnic table in the center. It has truly become “the backyard where the cool people hang out”. We watch movies in surround sound under a lighted canopy until the wee hours of the morning. 

Dinners in the Backyard
Steven and Lauren disassembling the dancefloor

Nearly every evening, you will find us out back with the picnic table loaded down with dinner, a bottle of wine and who ever happens to show up. Mostly, it’s just Steven, Charlee and myself. Our little trio of a family. We have lots of fun with each other. Sometimes, it reminds me of growing up and having family dinners with my Nana and my Pawpaw.

Dinners at the Farmstead

I will forever cherish the backyard dinners at the farmstead. 


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